Relief for Dry Mouth for Oral Cancer Patients

The purpose of this site is to describe Dry Mouth Syndrome or Xerostomia as it relates to Oral Cancer, also known as Mouth Cancer or Head and Neck Cancer. We want to describe what Dry Mouth Syndrome is, what Oral Cancer is, how they relate to each other, and also what can be done about it. Hopefully it will give insight into the problem and offer some useful suggestions for dealing with it.

Radiation and chemotherapy for head and neck cancer invariably results in varying amounts of loss of the ability of the mouth to produce saliva. This is because the glands that produce saliva, the salivary glands, are damaged either temporarily or permanently. This is actually a bigger problem that it might at first seem to anyone who has not experienced it.

This problem significantly impacts the quality of life for people with this condition. It causes difficulty in chewing, tasting, swallowing, and talking. It causes discomfort in the mouth and throat. It can lead to substantial oral health/dental problems from increased cavities and or inflamed gums (gingivitis, periodontitis) and loss of teeth. This is in addition to any problems which the oral cancer has already caused, which can be quite severe.

If you are experiencing Dry Mouth, or if you know somebody who does, then you know that there have been many different treatments for it put forth. You will need to learn about these from your doctor, and from your own research to find out what will work best for you. These include prescription drugs, OTC or Over the Counter drugs, and self help remedies. Thank you for exploring our website.